I was blessed with the opportunity to listen to Abby Stephens and her awesome message “Finding Joy in Our Trials”.  How inspiring!  There were tears rolling down faces.  When we are faced with trials that we think we can’t handle, I just need to remember this message!!  I CAN find JOY!!  Thank you so much, Abby. I would come listen to you again!!! Tresa Welty

You’ve turned frustration into powerful inspiration! Beverly Murdock

What a great opportunity it is to hear and see what can happen in the face of such heartbreaking adversity and how the human spirit can prevail. It isn’t often that we can rub shoulders with someone who has had such miraculous experiences. I strongly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to listen to Abby’s story, to do so. You will be amazed and inspired, just like I am. Jean Andrew

[We] had an amazing speaker come out during our ribbon week and talked about safety, texting, driving, wearing seat belts, positive attitudes etc.   She is considered a quadriplegic, but due to her determination and positive attitude is walking today and has 4 beautiful children.  She still can not use the right side of her body well, but she left quite an amazing message with our students and faculty.  If you need a great speaker, call her.  She was real, she was honest, passionate, and so beautiful. I was so touched by what she had to share.  Her thoughts and words are appropriate for any grade levels.  She would be fabulous in the High Schools and Jr. Highs too because she was close to their age when she made one decision that changed her life forever. Nannette S. Robertson 
Principal, Snow Horse Elementary

Out of all my years here at Snow Horse, that was the most inspirational assembly I have been to. Lelia Wilson, 
5th grade student, Snow Horse Elementary

What a wonderful experience it was to have Abby Stephens come to Sand Springs Elementary. Her message of making good choices, and having a positive attitude was fantastic. Abby was inspirational as she shared her story of how she endured her trials and challenges. Our students left the assembly feeling empowered that “They Can” make choices that will help them be successful in life! Meggan Nichols
Assistant Principal, Sand Springs Elementary

Your presentation at the assembly was just amazing.  I was deeply touched and had to hold back the tears.  I can’t imagine the pain, suffering, and heartache that you and your family have experienced through this ordeal.  And yet, you are a bright spot of hope for all of us to look up to.  I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on a personal level but also feel it is a great reminder for everyone to hear. Christine Anderson
Teacher, Snow Horse Elementary

Abby’s presentation at our school was wonderful. She was engaging and inspirational and everyone loved it. She tied our school theme “Rise Above”  into all she taught, and it was tremendous! Kristen Kapp
Resource Teacher, Reading Elementary

Abby connected with our students. They were motivated by her story and they were engaged by her message. Her assembly was a very positive experience for kids. I highly recommend Abby Stephens as a speaker for your school. She’s awesome! Dr. Ryan C. Hansen
Principal, North Davis Jr. High