All about Abby

I was raised in small town USA: Cokeville, Wyoming. I went to high school there, where I was active as a cheerleader, choreographer for the dance team, performed in the musical productions, played in the band, jazz band, show choir, and graduated as Salutatorian of my class. (You can do all of that only in a small town!)

I then attended BYU, where I was a Musical Dance Theater Major. I performed in the live theater in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and many other plays and musicals.

I met and dated Cole and we planned to be married on June 28th, 1996. But just one week prior, on June 21st, we were in an accident that left me paralyzed from the neck down. I was taken by Life Flight to the U of U Hospital, where the doctors told Cole and my family that I would never walk again! They said I was a complete quadriplegic and would depend on a ventilator to breathe, and would probably live only a few years, due to complications of the injury.

What happened then can only be called a miracle! I told everyone I would walk again, and that I would walk out of the hospital! My faith and determination were unwavering. After a few short weeks, I took my first steps after the accident.

And then, in three months’ time, not only did I learn to walk again, but I DID walk out of the hospital!

I have been sharing my story ever since then, inspiring others to keep a positive attitude and find the good in every situation. My humorous approach to life and my “disabilities” will captivate the audience, as I share what it’s like to be a mom with only one good arm. Or how I have learned to accept change and find new and different ways to accomplish what most people think are simple everyday tasks, like changing diapers, making dinner, or lifting…well…anything!
I love to sing and continue to pursue that dream. I love being a wife and mother of four and ironically enough, even though I only have the use of ONE arm, I had TWINS! Never a dull moment in my life!!